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Our Services 

The Problem 

Here at L.T.E., we see the problem as small businesses not having the ability to obtain the help necessary help with a new or existing web-based presence to generate perpetual revenue.

Website Design

  • "At Legendary Technology Enterprise, our mission is to empower small businesses by providing fully functional cross-platform websites, engaging landing pages, and mobile applications. We recognize the significant challenge faced by small businesses in establishing and maintaining a robust online presence to generate sustained revenues. We're here to bridge that gap, helping them thrive in the digital landscape."

Services Start at $200

Website Maintenance

  • "At Legendary Technology Enterprise (L.T.E.), we understand the significance of ongoing website and mobile application maintenance. Our commitment goes beyond just creating websites and apps. We offer comprehensive website maintenance services that encompass continuous monitoring, performance optimization, and accessibility enhancements. We recognize that making timely updates and improvements is crucial for the success of any digital presence, and we're here to ensure your online assets always perform at their best."

Website Maintenance starts at $75


  • We go beyond standard web and mobile solutions. We offer consultative services aimed at formulating tailored recommendations and solutions. We take into account our client's wishes, capabilities, and limitations to provide concise reports and implement updates and improvements. Our approach aims to define our client's mission, goals, and objectives with high-quality content and updated information. 

The Solution 

Our solution is to provide a high-level customized web-based product at an economical rate. To provide industry-level products, and to take their small businesses to the next level.

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